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Vintage Masonic 'Hoodwink' Mask with Mannequin Head

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    This is a super cool and unique 'Masonic' hoodwink from Los Angeles, CA. It is in lovely vintage condition with the original leather outer, mustard colour velvet inner and the original flip up eye covers on springs. It also has the original mustard colour edging however there are some old staples around the edging to secure the mask. It fits perfectly on the mannequin head and so they are being sold together. The mannequin head is plastic but together with the hoodwink this makes an awesome display piece! 

    Below is some information on the origins and story of the 'Masonic' hoodwink...

    Freemasonry is not the originator of the hoodwink.  

    Religious rites and initiations of civilizations and tribes dating back centuries before the believed or known origins of Freemasonry used blindfolds to represent going from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge). 

    Hood:  The word, “hood,” in old German and Anglo Saxon refers to a head covering, as in a hat, or helmet.  A hood might also be of cloth. To "hood" is to cover.  Hooded garments have been worn throughout history. 

    Wink:  The word, “wink,” in old German and Anglo Saxon refers to a closing of the eyes.  The word, “wince,” , is similarly derived from the word "wink".  The word "wink" pertains to the eye.

    Therefore, a hood (to cover) wink (eyes) was a head covering designed to cover the eyes.


    Misconception:  While Freemasonry has many secrets, the term "hoodwink" is not one of them. 

    The word is often misconstrued by non-Freemasons as having negative overtones due to our more modern-day definition of the word which defines it as meaning to be deceived or tricked rather than its actual meaning which is to cover the eyes.  

    A Masonic hoodwink is not used as a method of deception.  

    It is simply a symbolic and visual method of covering the eyes which is used in the initiation of the candidate into acquiring new knowledge, hence the term, "from darkness to light".  

    The Masonic symbolism of the hoodwink is not about placing the candidate into the darkness, which is symbolic of ignorance, but about the removal of the darkness to let in the light, which is symbolic of knowledge. 

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